2023 Newsletter
We have traditionally commenced our tax year with a newsletter to all clients, advising contact details but, more importantly, reminding them of our vast experience in tax and financial matters.
The last few years have seen significant changes to our method of operation. The Vermont and Rowville offices were sold and the entire practice changed to a remote service, using our ever-reliable P O Box 450, Mt Martha 3934 or email - "bob@boblazer.com.au".  This gives us much more flexibility to meet our workload as well as having time to enjoy our Peninsula environment. This successful formula has kept us alive, alert and refreshed for the last 23 years and given us many memorable journeys, both around Australia and overseas. Unfortunately, COVID has made 2019 our last year for travel at the moment, but we look forward to resuming our adventures soon. 
We enjoy running our remote taxation business whilst living on the wonderful Peninsula coast, amongst many gorgeous beaches, restaurants and  wineries. Call us on 03 59 88 4622 or email to bob@boblazer.com.au.
We look back in awe at the journeys we have enjoyed - China, Russia, Germany, France, including a "fete-de-vin" in Bordeaux, a barge trip on the Midi Canal, cruising New Caledonia & Vanuatu, New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand, South America including Macchu Pichu, South Africa, Bali, Ko Samui, Tahiti, Morea, Samoa, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Fiji, India, Sri Lanka & Maldives . 
2020 unfortunately saw an end to our travels due to COVID 19, but we can look back on 52 wonderful years of marriage, travel and business - a magical combination ensuring an enjoyable life-style.
Don't forget that important page 3 of the Website - "Taxation Information" and mail the answers to P O Box 450 Mount Martha Vic. 3934 or simply email to bob@boblazer.com.au